HAUSE SHOW - Nov. 21

Empty apartment. Performances by:

Karl Fousek
Event Cloak
Persona Mercure
D. Hansen
Demonstration Synthesis

(Invitation only / contact for info)

I'm pleased to announce the release of a 5 track EP, Codicil, on Toronto's Adhesive Sounds label. Cassettes (and digital) will be available July 15th.

Recorded at roughly the same time as Relative Position of Figures, using the same minimal modular synth + tape delay setup, I consider the two cassettes to be companion pieces.

Listen to the final track from Codicil below: 

My set from the May 25th edition of Noïsundaéè at La Plante/The Plant in Montreal.

"This might be demanding stuff, but once you've given in, a sonic palette of exploratory and transcending patterns will hypnotise you, and leave you wanting for more."

Order here.

Announcing a short, self-released collection of synthesizer material:

Cassette Miniatures Vol.1

Selected ephemera for modular synthesizer and tape delay. Recorded directly to cassette tape. Monophonic.

Hopefully, there will be physical cassette release as well as a second volume within the year.

Here is a sort excerpt of a performance in Vancouver earlier this month. Hopefully, there will more performances in 2014.